6 buddies ~The Giorgios;
LovelyLouis, J-Size, Max, Toy2Enjoy, Jellephant & Jere.
Pulling out their racks for a good cause.


Six pals with an urge to help a cause, and to always have their biceps curled.
Instead of our usual breaking of hearts and infringing on laws, we decided, why not do something for a good cause?
On another Sunday evening, around the dinner table at Louis’… after exchanging ideas, we realized we could do this.
Impersonating was nothing new, a way to have a good laugh, a way to escape with the entire crew. But now those moments can be shared with all of you.
A photographer was easily found. Emile Segers just came around. How lucky we were to have many craftsman nearby to capture our ideas through the lens’ eye
12 months, 12 professions and 12 outfits to brighten up your 2022.
Special thanks to:
Dellafaille, Cleaning Support, Les Trois Jardins, Gipsy Horses, The BRICK and The Flyinggroup.
Have a laugh on us and order your calendar now!

xXx The Giorgios