In October 1999, when Olivia was only two years old she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. 

During the next six months, her doctors and parents struggled to save her life but the existing therapies proved to be inadequate.

Olivia died on the 10th of April 2000.

During Olivia’s sickness, her parents learned a lot about the world of medicine. They were stunned to discover that researchers mostly dependent on grants. In order to foster financial support for research in paediatric oncology Ilse and Eddy Hendrickx decided to create a fund in the name of their deceased daughter.

The Olivia Fund’s objective is to fund paediatric oncology research on a continuing basis with a focus on finding new therapies.

Thanks to the wonderful support  for more than 20 years, the Olivia Fund has become a well-established reference, giving hope to sick children and their parents. More than ever The Olivia Fund aims to encourage innovative cancer research.

Only in solidarity we can guaranty a future for innovative research and therefore also a future for sick children.